Gift Trading.

[li]Currently have the Square of Lofty Words card and looking for someone else who does also, so we can trade the 10 echo gifts (its a dream to eventually get the blemmigan secretary).
[li]Please pm or post here if interested.
[li]Thanks again!

[li]To clarify, I will happily send the first gift as a show of good faith, though i would like the promise of reciprocity to be documented so it can be pursued if it isnt honored.
[li]I will hang onto the card for a few more hours, but then will take the hedonist’s option to clear my hand.
[li]Just wanted to try and get this to work to avoid waiting on the notability card for packages.

There is a thread of this kind that works reasonably well – I participated in it for while.
It’s here:

[li]Thank you for your reply. Im aware of that thread.
[li]The rules of that thread arent what im looking for which is why i made this one. They are too open for abuse. I want a straight one for one agreement and trade, Ive already been burnt previously similarly by sending the 10 echo package and being sent back live rats.

Sorry! I did have a couple of non-responders. There is also a thread where people can arrange one-to-one exchanges. But I imagine you’re aware of that as well?

[li]Sadly no im not, i both love and am frustrated by these forums. I find them very hard to search with any consistency. That’s exactly what i was looking for, but couldnt find one so started this.

It’s this one:

(My own post there is out of date, I’m afraid. At my stage of the game, I found the exchange too expensive.)