Gift card changes?

I just drawed &quotGive a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words&quot card, I’m pretty sure ‘I myself am my only true friend!’ option used to require hedonist 5, but now it needs 8.

Is that a new change on part of the quirks?

Well, one less source of second chances…

According to the wiki it was updated a couple days ago.

Well, that’s… a bummer.

EDIT: Though it may be related to rumors of rebalancing how quirks work. In which case, my reaction may be very silly indeed. Who knows.
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This one change makes the Hedonist points from Bohemian and Hell cards nearly useless (like most other quirks). Not that I personally care, since I haven’t been using that option for a long time, but I like seeing cards working together. It brings a bit more game to this game.

Not much of a problem for me personally, since, as an intimate of devils, among other things; I seem to always have over Eight in my Hedonist Quality (I’m not even a POSI yet :P) so it hasn’t effected me too much.

…Out of curiosity, for those who can still use that card, does the option still consume any Hedonist CP?

May have to find a way to try this myself.

I somehow am a notable enough hedonist… I’ve been letting my pleasures interfear in my buisness it seems…

I’ll check it next time I get the card.

It didn’t consume my hedonist, but it didn’t give me second chances either. Text said that I won’t get them because I have more than 20 of each one. So it’s now useless unless you have less than 20. Though I don’t know if it will consume hedonist quirk if it actually works…

That shouldn’t be the case. The storylet and its results should be the same, so if you didn’t lose Hedonist, then it’s safe.

[quote=Mallachi]Though I don’t know if it will consume hedonist quirk if it actually works…[/quote]An interesting idea. Maybe they’ve used those &quotRich Text Effects&quot to lower Hedonist by (21 - number of Second Chances) CPs for each of the second chances? Then it could lower Hedonist only in exchange for second chances. But unless there’s a cap on the amount of CPs, all the Hedonist CPs could be gone if a player has an average of 12 second chances or less. Possibly in exchange for 36+ second chances though, so from that point of view it’d be great, as it’d save a lot of time. ;)

Anyhow, I consider the option most useful on the way to becoming stat-capped, and spending second chances to get 1-50 CPs of a main attribute makes it easy to keep them below the caps. It’s just a bit painful to visit the Cave of Nadir with less than 20 Confident Smiles in case of one or more unlikely gardens. Particularly for someone who’s not stat-capped, and who might not enjoy a 15% chance of success for that challenge.
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[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Nope, i received a Sudden Insight and it did not lower my Hedonist quality. [/color]

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Nope, i received a Sudden Insight and it did not lower my Hedonist quality. [/color][/quote]

Cool. Then this is a much nicer change than it initially seemed, even with the cap to the second chance increase (which, even though it’s a bummer, is cool for balancing reasons given the recent quirk change).