Gift box exchange

Hello! Do you have a hole in your being that can now only be filled with the contents of a gift box? I do. Pairing up with a partner willing to commit to exchanging surprising gifts until both are feeling … fulfilled sounds like an expedient thing to me. Please PM me if interested. Once I find a trading partner I’d certainly invite anyone else so interested to post here as well. You’re not alone anymore!

Sounds rather similar to this existing thread.

Sounds rather similar to this existing thread.[/quote]

I’d consider it less like that [which I threw my name into already] and more like a covenant with one other person to send one another boxes and nothing but, every time the card comes up. This is just for surprise gifts and not a random giveaway but a dedicated exchange. The reason for this is the chance of finding one’s soul in a bundle of oddities is now much smaller. So if you’re going to try and grind it out regardless, you really need someone committed to it and willing to keep it up until you’ve both gotten it back.

I could be up for it for the sake of getting a blemmigan. I’d obviously also liked to know the value of the bundle should you get the right one =)