Giant Eye - Location?

So, in a previous playthough I easily found the giant eye (the one showed at the end of the trailer), but in my current game I can’t seem to find it, in spite of zailing everywhere. Does anyone know which tile it’s located in by any chance?


It moves around. My current theory is that sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t.

I knew of it but it still scared me the first time I found it. Oddly enough, I have not seen it since that time - like as not due to the introduction of new islands.

I’ve also hunted around for it and haven’t seen it in the last 2 playthroughs

It could be it got tied to the “Recurring Nightmare: Watched” status, making it both hard to find and conditional. It feels like the flavour and icon hint at that.

I think it may randomly replace one of the otherwise unremarkable grids. I’d not had it pop up for several captains, but it is there in my current game. It’s grid is mostly devoid of other features, just one tiny island that don’t show on my map. There is also no set of uninhabited islands with magma cracks in them in my current game, so I’m thinking it replaced them.

For the record: The tile it appears in is completely empty. A message along the lines of “Something forgotten sleeps here” will appear.

I guess there must be several “empty” tiles available then, as I definitely don’t have a totally blank one, nor do I have one with magma cracks in my current game iirc.

According to Sunless Sea roadmap eye is listed in “Phenomena - Weather, whirlpools, the Eye, and more”. I’m not sure about consistency of whirlpools location, but it seems that eye might be in random location in every game.

I don’t think any of these tiles in question are entirely blank - as far as I remember there’s also the tile with the magma temples, the tile with the other set of (square) temples, the annoying one that’s described as slate-like, the one with a regular diagonal, the labyrinth of eels one, and the especially generic one. The empty one with the eye was in some of my maps, two in the blanker patches above the southern wall, but one by Polythreme near the east as well.[li]

I find that the eye appears soon after your log reads “Something forgotten is here…”

I’ve never seen this eye… can it be absolutely everywhere on the map?

I haven’t had the relevant tile for the Eye for ages. There are so few blank tiles now that the chances of getting that one seem to be really small.

I’ve only had it in two games so far… at quite different locations, so it really seems quite random.

No it can only spawn in the south (ie the same area as the uttershroom, mangrove college, fathomkings hold, isle of cats), if you find any other generic tile (eg generic reefs) in the south then it’s not on your map.

Yup. What worm said. It’s one of three possible generic tiles in the southern slots.

can you interact with it? I’ve seen it once. Did not notice whether or not it increased terror when I found it.

I haven’t yet run across the Eye on this character, yet I’ve gotten that nightmare, so I don’t believe they’re connected. Also, the first time I found the Eye, I hadn’t gotten the nightmare yet.

In response to the OP, I first saw it around Uttershroom, and when looking up a video of it, that person found it around the same area. It may have been patched to be random since then however.

I’m quite ready to assume the Worm and the Spork are right on that one, as I had it once in the south-east, and once in the south-west, respectively.

Edit: And I’ve no idea what it does. I just ran from it. Fast.
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As far as I can tell, it’s part of its own generic tile which can be one of the tile slots on the south side of the map.

The “something forgotten is here” message appears to be the tile entry message, but I could easily be wrong.