Getting the Word Out

This week, we’re launching the creator tools to press and the world at large. here’s the official announcement on our blog and here’s a video trailer on our front page. We’re hoping to see some good coverage in the gaming media and further afield, but we need your help. It would be lovely for the community here to give us a hand making a noise about StoryNexus. We want to see more people using StoryNexus. We’d all benefit from more people here. If you play games, you’d have more games to play. If you create worlds, you’d have more people enjoying your creation. Everyone wins.

We have a few ideas on how you could lend a hand:

  1. You could talk about StoryNexus and the worlds in any online communities that you’re a part of. This is most relevant to gaming or story communities, but we think that many groups could find a worthy use for StoryNexus. Start discussions yourself, or comment on any that are already ongoing.

2) If you’re a creator, enter your world for any game competitions you might see, or things like NaNoWriMo. It’s important that people see StoryNexus as a platform where ideas can become reality, and competitions are a good way of doing this.

  1. If you have friends who like games or stories, tell them. If you have, say, five friends who might like StoryNexus, mail them and tell them. Don’t be spammy or overbearing, but we think there are a lot of people out there who would like to hear about StoryNexus. Likewise use your social networking resources. Some of your twitter followers or Facebook friends would surely like to hear about StoryNexus.

  2. If you’re a blogger or a journalist, write something about StoryNexus. If you know bloggers or journalists, see if they’re interested in writing something about StoryNexus.

5) If you’ve created a playable world, create and hand out access codes for it. We’d like to help here, so we’ll consider re-tweeting and otherwise spreading codes once the World of the Season competition winners are announced.

Doing any or all of these would really help us get the word out about StoryNexus. We’d be grateful if you could help us out.

I’m sure that there are things we’ve not thought of yet. If you have good ideas about getting the word out about StoryNexus, please mention them here. And please feel free to link here to discussions or articles you see on StoryNexus.
edited by Goatdance on 10/16/2012

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Another thing that could be publicity for SN and creator worlds: create an entry for your game on IFDB. Users can write reviews and add your game into lists…such as “games involving cowboy hats”.

The game store I was in earlier today had a table displaying tablets “for gaming”. I don’t know what possessed me, but I set all of them to the StoryNexus homepage before I left. :)

Hi all. I was commissioned to write this. So, I popped in some basic info and links to Storynexus. It’s a sight hoping to inspire and encourage more women to take part in games development. My article was on the amateur side of things, free tools etc.