Getting Sympathetic to Rats late in the game

I wasn’t aware that I needed to get Sympathetic to Ratly Concerns before pursuing the Meaning of the Plaster Face, and so I went through most of that storyline without it (I’m now at 11 - Decide the fate of the Big Rat). [li]

Is there any way to get the Sympathetic quality now that I’ve already begun that story? If so, what do I need? And if there isn’t, is it still possible later in the game to get the Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit Chief back (mine died, which was devastating), without the Sympathetic quality? (I know there’s an option to get DRFBC on the albino rat card later).

If not, will paying to reset the Big Rat battle give me the opportunity to acquire Sympathetic? And, if it’s possible to ask, is there a chance that resetting the battle would bring my DRFBC back from the dead as though he never passed away? (seems unlikely, but thought I’d ask!)

If you go to Watchmaker’s Hill you’ll be able to draw a card called The Departed: You can donate a rat to funeral proceedings to increase your Sympathetic quality, I think.

Don’t donate too many, though! If you pick that option they’ll think you’re a rat-catcher.

I thought I had to have some sort of conference at my lodgings to get the quality?

Well, yeah, that’s one way to get it, but it’s not the only way.
Edit: actually you might need at least one level of it to get Sympathetic out of The Departed, but im not entirely certain on that.
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I’m pretty sure I’ve donated a rat before and not received any of the quality.

Same here. When I hadn’t been Sympathetic I didn’t get a point from The Departed. It’s also stated on the wiki.

I got Sympathetic through having a ratskin suit and a working rat - this card comes up.

[quote=darkbloom]I got Sympathetic through having a ratskin suit and a working rat - this card comes up. [/quote]I’m pretty sure you have to be in your Lodgings to draw this. Also, it’s probably pretty rare. I’ve had a Ratskin Suit and Working Rat for ages and have never drawn it. It may be your only option, though.
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I think you can get sympathetic using the albino rat card as well.

I think you will find that this card won’t be available to help you progress in the Meaning of the Plaster Face storyline …

Yeah, much as I wanted to suggest that card, because my Ivory is just a treat, she’s not available until after you’re done, so there wouldn’t be any point.

i just got Sympathetic through having a ratskin suit and a working rat and getting Sartorial Squeamishness while in docks, so it’s for sure not limited to Lodgings. I guess this is no longer important after 5 months but since the topic helped me to get the quality in the first place i thought it may help someone else in the future too :)[li]
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Is there a stat cap on drawing the card, though? What are your stats, Furak? I’ve also had a Ratskin Suit and Working Rat forever–as in, probably a year.