Getting Shadowy

I need 97 Shadowy for the next part in the making your name story in Shadowy (I have 93). I was wondering if there were any quick ways to get it.

Lots of loitering if you’re impatient.

If you’re even more impatient, purchase a Sneak Thief’s Mask from the Bazaar. 28 quid.
edited by Teaspoon on 7/30/2016

gear is best, as you’re going to need it someday anyways. Buying a sneak-theif’s mask is cheapest, but if you already have it, you’ll have to choose between cheap and &quotuseful-in-the-long-run&quot. Both sides have advantages, but the [non-fate] best in slots are as follows:

-hat: sneak theif’s mask
-clothing: ratskin suit
-gloves: lenguals
-weapon: poison-tipped umbrella
-Boots: forgotten spidersilk slippers, [upgraded in nadir from spidersilk slippers.]
-Companion: skuttering squad

Loitering also works, and i’d say &quotI’m availible&quot, but i’m in the tomb-colonies. I am available once i get back, though.
edited by Grenem on 7/31/2016

Specifically, loitering gets you Hastily-Scrawled Warning Notes, and five of those can be used for 25.5 CP of Shadowy on average. (From level 70 up, each level requires 70 CP.)

You can also trade in 5 favors on the Criminals faction card for about a level and a half of Shadowy. This isn’t a dependable grind, because it’s all Opportunity-based, but it’s a huge chunk of CP so it’s worth saving your favors just in case.

Okay, thanks.