Getting rid of crew?

I just want to double check, but given that there are some advantages to running with a less than full complement of crew, I don’t suppose there is a relatively easy way of getting rid of crewmembers?

You can lose crew doing certain things - exploring the Wisp Ways; gathering supplies at Aestival or visiting the surface.

I also think that letting your terror or hunger rise too high can lead to events where crew members are at risk.

Getting rid of Terror at the chelonate often gets rid of crew at the same time, flank speed without an avid suppressor cuts down on crew very well if you don’t have a good hearts score, and of course…


They do really well with crew :)

Doesn’t that risk capsizing your ship?

IIRC there’s a chance of losing crew if you get your ship fixed by (London) rats, but that’s luck-based; there’s also some random explore events that can lose crew, mostly anything that involves fighting (Gaider’s Mourn has a couple, Port Cecil and Demeaux Island as well).

But, despite all of these ways to lose crew, I don’t believe there’s a “Dismiss Crew” button (which I assume would be tossing the bugger over the side or starving them until they died?)

What kind of bosses have you been working for, GerbilSchooler!?

It might be nice to have a “dismiss crew” option in London. Typically if a crewmember does something that bad while at zee, there’s the option to turn them into a Prisoner and eventually drop them off at Wisdom.

Lol, I’M the boss!
Man… I felt so bad when I sunk a civilian vessel… my bo’sun had to kill one of my crew as she wept and lunged at me in a cudgeled fury. :(