Getting reinstated in the university


I have just completed a perilous journey across the unterzee… I have returned a victor having bested all islands and have collected notes on all 3 major areas of the research…

My question is… am I better off selling them for profit (150 echoes is nothing to scoff at) or shall I return to the bosom of the university after they dastardly expelled me for being honest?

In game terms… is there any benefit in going back to Uni? Are there any new storylines or plots there? Can you redo some of the profitable carousels?

You’ll need to return to boost SoTC to 21, you’ll be able to manufacture searing enigmas and impossible theorems, and gain connections in the universities. Plus if there’s new content, you won’t have to unlock it later.

What you get:
You unlock the University’s Storylets for raise Scholar of the Correspondence and connected Summerset and Benthic, you can have an Addressed as professor quality and you can reach ambition: light fingers boundary.
What you don’t get:
Any of the term passing in University storylets. They’re gone.
edited by Chronos on 1/8/2017

Just a note that you don’t have to get accepted back into the University to manufacture Searing Enigmas and Impossible Theorems. You can still access that part of the University even after being kicked out.