Getting Pages of Theosophistical Notes

I’m trying to regain my place at the University by a scientific expedition. And I can’t find any ways to get Pages of Theosophistical Notes above 100 without actually going on the expedition. Is there any way to get more than 100 before going on the expedition?

I checked through the Preparatory Research storylet, but it seems none of the options that let you go above 100 bestow Theosophistical Notes. It shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting your academic reputation back, though - you can visit the islands as often as you like without any additional prep work (apart from zailing).

edited by Sara Hysaro on 9/14/2016

Oh! I for some reason thought you had to get rid of all your notes before you went on another expedition. Thanks!

No, you can exchange it after returning from Expedition but you don’t have to. There was a guy around here who has ~20000+ of each type of notes.