Getting Dangerous (mid-early)

-base Dangerous 58, with an equipment modifier that can range from -29 to +26;
-opened all the location accessible through the Lodgings except for the Labyrinth of Tigers;
-A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks - Dockside Legend, Arachnologist 2, Duelling with the Black Ribbon 6.

Are there ways to effectively (also possibly gaining some useful stuff) grind/raise Dangerous other than building Running Battle and taking down Black Ribbon members?

Training Professions, Sparring with friends, and Aggresive Gardening in Watchmaker’s Hill if you haven’t begun The Cheery Man story.

I think I triggered the A Name Written In Blood living story through the “talk through your wounds” option, but I ended up in New Newgate before it triggered; there is a chance the living story has been annulled or I simply have to wait more?

Wait more. I think it occurs 6 days after thr trigger - not very fast.