getting a personal recommendation

so, i decided to get a salon but i need 5 personal reccomendation (3 for the club and 2 dor the salon), what’s the best way to get those? getting stolen correspondence at the empress court?

There are only a few ways of getting them:

  1. Buying them in the Bazaar Sidestreets - expensive and time consuming but the only way not dependent on cards.

  2. Via the Polite Invitation card - once you reach Talk of the Town 12 you can acquire one (This will require you drawing the card multiple times even with high enough persuasive).

  3. Becoming a ‘A Cryptobotanical Champion!’ by winning 7 challenges with your plants against other peoples plants can get you one - although without a lot of luck you will need to have a plant at level 19 to manage this.

There are a few one off events that get them too - such as a Rainbow of Offering option if you’ve been kicked out of court - but they are pretty rare.

If you don’t have the Rainbow of Offerings option available to you, then I’d suggest that the Polite Invitation is your best bet by quite a margin. It’ll take a while though, as ZHAndy says, so you might want to pursue other goals while you grind them. If not, side-streets it is.

thanks for the answers, i’m afraid that i’ll need a lot of time to reach the goal

Polite Invitation is one way to do it, and certainly better than upconverting Stolen Correspondence, though I’ve often found it unreliable; since it means relying on several opportunity cards and you need multiple personal recommendations. It’s still a good option if you want to pursue it.

Personally, I’d recommend grinding up Casing (through PoSI or a Gang of Hoodlums) and using Thefts of a Particular Character to steal Tales of Terror in the Flit, then cross-convert those into Compromising Documents (click your Tales of Terror, then Tell your tales at the fireside). You can then upconvert some of those into the Stolen Kisses you need.

For the Intriguing Snippets, upconvert Stolen Correspondence. The best way to get these are pursuing Unfinished Business in Spite by ambushing couriers, or through the Empress’ Court. Ambushing couriers is the marginally better option. But both are good.

Once you acquire the materials, convert them into Personal Recommendations from the Bazaar Side-Streets.

Either way, it’ll still take you awhile.