Get me to the Ball on time!

In the &quotA Name Known to Many&quot card, I thought I’d have fun playing through the Veilgarden again, before heading to the Shuttered Palace (persuasive 90) so I selected:

&quotYou’ve been investigating the secrets of Veilgarden, and working on your own prose&quot

I wrote a short story, and got to &quotA Name Signed with a Flourish&quot of 2, but none of the other options in Veilgarden or the cards over last few days allowed me to get into the Ambassador’s Ball. I don’t know if that was a bug or if I missed something, but I’ve reset the question now get back to the Palace.

This helped me a lot while I was searching for what kind of story I’m supposed to write to get &quotA Name Known to Many&quot to 3. Then you’ll get &quotGetting to the Ball&quot storylet.
edited by Talkes on 8/10/2015