Generally a really bad day (All reductions)

Hi, so recently I’ve been a bit all over the place with what stat I wanna level, which has resulted in lots of Scandal, Suspicion, Nightmares and Wounds, and I’m looking for people who may be able to help in the reduction of such things, as the situation is getting dire.

~Thanks in advance!

That is a rotten luck indeed.
Check your MESSAGE tab for a calling card.
edited by Gonen on 9/13/2015

Harry Guy, you may certainly call upon me for assistance.

If you wish, send me a Calling Card. I’d love to invite you to Dante’s Grill some time, as long as my Free Evenings allow it.

Don’t worry, delicious friend, these things happen from time to time. You can generally find people to relieve menaces in this thread:

In the mean time, feel free to send me any menace reductions to help you out. Good luck!
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 9/13/2015