General Questions!

These may be spoilers. Sorry!

Has anyone fought a Lorn-Fluke more than once? The last time wrecked my hull bad, the three times before killed me outright. I got a Colossal Fluke core, but does that happen each time? Do you get paid the same each time?

Does Admiral’s Favor do anything? If not, does anyone know if it ever will? I want to prove that off hand phrase &quotWhen the Navy had a backbone&quot on the Frigate wrong.

I heard a rumor ships have hidden qualities. Is that true?

I’ve only ever seen a Lorn-Fluke once, and that was on my first trip to Port Cecil. Pretty sure I got the Colossal Fluke Core. No clue about payment.

The only thing I’ve seen Admiral’s Favors do is work towards repairs at the Admiralty’s shipyard in London. Spend… five, I think…? along with 20 Echoes and you get your ship repaired. It’s the cheapest shipyard repair available, but since I have no idea whether the Favors do anything else I don’t know if it’s a worthy deal or not.

Haven’t fought any Lorn-Flukes, but I killed a Lifeberg! Sadly, it made me overconfident and the next one ate me.

As far as I know, the admiral’s favor unlocks additional missions where you go collect &quotStrategic Information&quot for the admiral (which is worth 150 echoes per trip, and is a pretty decent price compared to everything else in the game). It also allows you to repair your boat more cheaply in the drydocks - 1 favor will give you good quality repairs for 20 echoes, which saves 10 echoes off the normal price.

I assume that later on in the game it also unlocks further missions for the Admiral, but I haven’t reached those yet.

You’ll always get a Colossal Lorn Fluke core if you kill one, which you can pawn off for 500 echoes at the University. Sometimes you get 3 Secrets to boot, if you succeed the pages check.

Admiral’s Favor is mostly just used for Admirality Docks repairs at the minute. It’ll probably have some future use. Getting it to 3 unlocks appointments with the Admiral too, obv.

Ships modify stats; it’s not hidden, you can see the modifications on the shipyard screen.
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What’s ship weight related to? There’s a loading screen tip 'o day for this but my game loads fast enough I don’t get to read it.
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Your speed.

Weak engine + massive ship = horrid crawl.
Good engine + small ship = Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!