general questions regarding future additions

I feel like this belongs in a thread of its own, rather than the ones for Feedback - a place dedicated to inquiries regarding the current status of the game and its state in the future, that sort of thing. I don’t want this to be a self-serving &quotanswer my personal questions, devs!&quot kind of thread (not exclusively, anyway) - I would very much like to see what other players of the game and members of the Failbetter community want to know about where Sunless Sea is heading. Anyway, I had a few things to ask:

  1. Can we expect already implemented locations to have their market options modified and expanded? As a more specific example - it always irked me that I couldn’t sell souls in Palmerston’s for a profit, or buy fuel on the cheap. Are there any plans for such changes, or can we assume that all locations with the basic fuel/supplies for 20 echos a piece will remain that way in future updates?
  2. Will more ships be added to the game? Not just to London, mind (though I wouldn’t mind seeing the three &quotadvanced&quot ships from Fallen London making an appearance) - will we be able to buy living ships from Polythreme, or devilish frigates from Palmerston’s?
  3. Will officers currently using Fallen London assets receive unique art in the future?
  4. Will Mt. Nomad spawn in more varied places, or just around certain spawn points? (it’d make sense for it to; it says Nomad right in the name…)

That’s all I have for now. While I understand some stuff simply cannot be revealed at this point, I would very much appreciate some sort of reference to these questions, so that expectations for the game can be adjusted accordingly. Thanks!
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I’d also like to know if we’ll see better ship customization; right now most parts are a straight linear upgrade. There should be more options of two parts that are equally good, but have different pros/cons.

Well, they just added a new addition to ships upgrades in the form of the Pneumatic Rat Dispenser for the Auxiliary. As times progresses we should see more variety, perhaps even items gained in ports other than London.

Also, has anyone found a an Officer that was a Cook that was not the one they started out with?

Well on the Cook I’ve found a Storylet that lets you recruit a Cook from Venderbright for about 300 echoes. It shows up fairly early if you make frequent stops there.

Never saw that one, and I’ve been to Venderblight more times than I can count. I’ll stop by and see if I can’t find what I was missing.

Now I want a living ship from Polythreme.

One thing I’m wondering: some weapons are Harpoons, some are Torpedoes, some are Cannons, and some have no special status at all. Is it, or was it ever, the intention that only weapons classed as Cannons allow conventional Salvos?