Gant Pole / Watchful Skull (Zubmariner spoilers)

So, um… whose skull is this, what do you think?

(and whose heart is the Gant Pole?)
edited by phryne on 10/16/2016


Feels &quotEaten&quot-ey to me.

As for the heart, doesn’t seem like it could be him. He’s not that big a deal.
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Feels &quotEaten&quot-ey to me.[/quote]
It certainly does. But… is that how the Masters look beneath their hoods, then? Not very bat-like, after all (or is it? I’m no chiropteromancist…)

The heart could belong the turtle that became the Chelonate… it’s right next to it, after all.
edited by phryne on 10/16/2016

If I’m remembering right, the heart is described as made of stone. It’s a bit too big for any of the zee-beasts in the area, anyways.

It’s not of the Turtle. In a storylet you found the real story of the turtle and you learn that the Gant Pole attract avery dying beast.

It looks somewhat bat like, mostly the upper portion of the face, the nose and above. Idk about the mouth, I’m no expert either. But that’s Eaten-text if I ever saw some

Having met them, I would say that the Masters of the Bazaar are built to a more human scale. In my view, this skull is more likely to be that of a certain rumbling individual.
edited by Evangeline Ingram on 10/16/2016