Gamedev Conference Simulator

Last year I made Gamedev Conference Simulator, a Storynexus game about being a small game developer in a big, big gamedev conference.
I’d like to post a big update for the next GDC, but I need feedback!

Stuff I’d like to work on:

[ul][li]Despite the narrative emphasis on surviving the conference, there aren’t actual survival mechanics. I’d like to add a bad ending, but also a new stat to measure your success (Twitter follower, perhaps?)
Questions: does the game feel balanced right now? Is it easy to balance your character’s stress?

[/li][li]New storylets! The afterparties especially needs more events.
Questions: is the writing fun? Is it easy to understand the situation even for players who aren’t game developers?
Any feedback/bug report/general help will be appreciated! \m/

The game feels unbalanced in favor of the player. I had to try to get Stress to five. The writing is fun, and easy to understand.

How about adding a new option to the Stress penalty that says “Maybe you can stay out a little longer.” It takes 5 minutes, but increases your Stress. If Stress hits 8, there should be a new penalty: going to the hospital! Because your heart has given out at that point, and you need some kind of help.