Game Load Glitch:Stuck Floating In An Endless Void

So just went back to Zubmariner after a few days off and now whenever I try to load my save the loading screen fades away to reveal my Zub floating with it’s lights on in a dark void filled with vaguely sea like green swirls. No button has any effect and the loading music keeps looping seemingly indefinitely. Quit and restarted manually several times, but still same glowing void (which is actually kind of cool looking in a 90s screensaver kind of way) anyone else had anything like this?

Please report all bugs/glitches to (attach your save file and output log).

I had that happen a couple times during the beta and was able to escape by repeatedly resurfacing and diving. Not sure what caused it.

This has just happened to me. I have sent a bug report.

The game won’t accept dive or resurface commands so that isn’t a fix for me :)

I hope that Failbetter will get back to me soon.

If you send the save file to their support email, they will fix the save for you.

I don’t think that the output log will actually be useful, because it only saves information from your most recent game session, and you won’t find out about this until you load up a new game, deleting the old log in the process… Send it anyways, just to be safe.
edited by th8827 on 10/21/2016

Apparently I wasn’t on the current version of Zubmariner - Downloading that fixed the issue.