Game Breaking Bug: Missions missing confirm button

Wow not sure what happened there –

What I meant to post was,

I’ve encountered a game-breaking bug where the mission rewards display incorrectly, and be missing the confirm button.

For example, if I do a mission that rewards a Zee story, the next action I do will display the same rewards and be missing a confirm button, rendering progress impossible.


Hello! Per the FAQ, you’ll want to submit bug reports to - posting them to the forums doesn’t guarantee that Failbetter will see the, or be able to contact you for more details!

Thanks Fred, will do

I’ve had the exact same problem. This happened to me after another bug where clicking on a sidebar at sea destroyed my savegame and it was just showing up with 3 black squares and empty water as the forth square in the top right corner.

I had played A LOT so I edited the new savegame to start with 5k echos (after creating a new character). Then about 2 hours in the problem the original poster was having started happening to me. :(
edited by cykodelik on 10/3/2016

Bug fixed with latest patch. Thanks!