Gaining The Ear (Or Similar Organ) of the Masters

Now that I’ve maxed out most of the content that exists, and I find myself waiting for future opportunities among Ambitions, I wonder if there are any actions that can be taken to improve my standing with the Masters? I’ve at present Connected: The Masters 4 (Your Voice is Heard), largely by means of doing every relevant storyline and option.

I’m aware of the Libraryette Card and of the option at the Circus, though I’m not sure whether either is worthwhile or not. (In particular, luck is rarely with me, thus I’m uncertain of whether the Circus will be a gain for me). Nor do I know how much Connected change the Libraryette card gains, or if there is any gain at all at my level, which I’d like to know before I embark on a week or so of stealing Proscribed Texts. (For that matter, what’s the most effective way of getting Proscribed Texts, does anyone know?)

Speaking as the most connected person I know of - Masters 8 (There May be Indiscretions) - I know a few things about gaining their favour.
If you’ve maxed out the content (or close enough as makes no real odds, as you seem to be saying) the only realistic method is via donating texts to Mr. Pages. While Mr. Wines’ Party card will still be coming up, it’s capped, while Mr. Pages isn’t (or if it is, I haven’t yet hit it). Don’t try the Carnival - It’s a Could Go Either Way luck roll to lose favour, and a rare to gain. It’s not worth it.

There are two options: To provide Proscribed Texts, or to provide an assorted collection of documents.
Proscribed Texts: Grants 1cp. The best source is The Ministry Run at the Foeign Office. The collection of goods can be sold for 400E
Various Documents: Grant 3cp. You’ll have to find and convert from a variety of sources. The collection of goods can be sold for 375E
Do not assume that, because the second option has a lower value, that it’s quicker to collect! With the amount of conversions required, since the majority of these are not available directly, you’ll be spending a lot of work converting things! Still, it’s more interesting to get this collection, and it’s quicker than doing the Texts route three times.
Really, the first option is straightforward but dull, while the second rewards your knowledge of the game in finding and putting together a lot of items.

The Circus option is not ideal.
10k Proscribed texts give 1 cp, which is hardly worth it compared to the 3cp from 5 x Blackmail Material, 5 x Uncanny Incunabula, 80 x Touching Love Story & 20 x Collated Research.
Since both options are the same amount of actions, I’d go with the latter, though I suspect there are still plenty more things to acquire before you go chasing Mr. Green’s Record of Connected: The Masters 8.

A back-of-the-envelope calculation based on Mr. Green’s information suggests that it will take about 3000-3500 actions. So… this will take a while. Still, it gives me something more useful to do than making neat stacks of items. Thank you!

Recalculate. It is significantly less if you take into consideration all the options available to you if you have, in fact, exhausted every other avenue of gain at your disposal.

I feel that I must state that I have contacted Mikhailovsky privately with a lengthy page of rather detailed notes (You will have already seen these, Nigel, from my work elsewhere). From his back of envelope calculations, I believe that he is attempting to join me in the heady heights of favour that I enjoy. With the number of actions that he intends to spend and the calculations and route that I provided, I believe that he would rise from Masters 4 to approximately Masters 8. It is possible that he has as yet not completed some high-level stories, and if so, he should certainly endeavour to try those first, as they may provide Masters connections, depending on what they are and his personal choices, but if he only has some minor matters remaining, he may have already exhausted these possibilities. Certainly this is a longer term goal to be done when there is nothing more to do, and to be paused the moment that anything more interesting appears.
(As for myself, I’m currently busy making neat stacks of items. 250 Echoes worth of each kind, to be precise. I always like to have something spare in case of sudden need.)

You are correct, sir. They’re calculated off the idea of about 8-10 loads of books. I have at present reasonably large collections of many items (though not as impressive as M’sieu Green), but I think this will give me a more interesting goal than wandering through the twisting passages of Wilmot’s End yet again. Certainly more rewarding.

I have indeed finished all the content that I can think of, with the exception of a handful of Fate-locked storylets.

I feel the my connections are also rather low. If I could see these notes to raise my favor, I would be most grateful.

Alas, my connected at 2 was lost during a particularly menacing and painful quest. Speaking to this, do any savvy players know if playing the particular card that destroys your reputation with the masters is a necessary step in continuing the quest? I don’t regret playing it since I’m compiling an account of said quest anyways, but it’s certainly valuable information for future advisees.

It’s not in the least necessary, as there are several alternatives available, should one but be patient enough.

Just as I thought. Thank you for the confirmation.

Something of note for those just starting: Being an entertainer for Mr. Wine’s Revels will cost 8 echoes each in wine and honey and 7.50 echoes in compromising documents, but earn you 3.76 echoes back. This comes to a cost of about 20 echoes for a single CP of connection, although this is only useful for the first level.