Gaining a Criminal Reputation - Redoable?

I carelessly misclicked and gave up the above-titled storyline. [li]

Been trying to pick up the opportunity card again, but to no avail. Is it possible for the card to appear as long as I have no affiliation?

It should be possible. I don’t think anything stops it from appearing, barring already having a gang of hoodlums.

Due to the nature of how the game system works, the only way to “lose” a storyline is to gain a quality that restricts it. If you click an option that doesn’t change any qualities relevant to the story (So, say, increasing your rostygold or shadowy isn’t going to matter, but a unique quality will), then you didn’t change your position in the story.

Does this storyline appear on a card in a specific location? I was told it might be found in the Sidestreets, but I wonder about Spite or the Flit…

The card can show up anywhere. Once you play it the storylet is located in the Bazaar Side-Streets.

Yeah, you will get it. I failed it a couple of times and got a success on the third try.