Gaining 2 actions/cards at a time

At first I thought this was just a display issue, but after several incidents I’m pretty sure I’m occasionally getting 2 actions/cards instead of 1.

Just now I started with 20 actions, spent 18 over the course of a minute, and had 4 left. Over the last month or so I’ve repeatedly seen myself draw 8 cards in a row instead of just 6 or 7. I’m not an exceptional friend on any of my characters.

This shouldn’t be possible; obviously I might, through coincidence, get an action and card refresh in the middle of playing. But that should only result in 1 more action/card than is displayed, not two.

Shhhhhh… Don’t let The Masters catch wind of this. They’ll harvest your body for your seemingly unlimited stamina!

But really, yes there is a certain ‘bug’ that can cause one to DATA EXPUNGED, er, randomly.

(I am actually DATA EXPUNGED.)
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Noticed this as well, but seems there’s only an issue with the timing. Even if the data is sent/updated with a delay, it does get updated.
For example, you have 4 cards in your hand, refresh the page/story few times, but nothing happens. Well, after using a card you may find yourself with more than 4 cards. The same thing happens with AP.

I thought it might just be a display issue too, but then I kept getting an impossible number of cards/actions. It’s more like I have 6 cards in my hand (the max), play 2, and suddenly I have 6 again. That’s not possible under the rule of 1 card per 10 minutes.

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&quotSHHHH… do you really want the higher-ups to know about this?!&quot

I call this phenomenon a bug in quotation marks, since it is a borderline exploit. The only reason it isn’t an exploit is because the extra actions are too sparse and random to be considered intentional.

Perhaps some sort of energy is revivifying London? But who would want London to stick around longer than intended? Hmm…
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This is a timer and display issue. It’s not a bug that can be exploited. (I know - I tried to exploit it.)
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Just got 2 cards/actions immediately after fully drawing and playing all my cards and actions. A display issue wouldn’t let me draw 1 card instead of 2 if I had an empty hand and 2 in my deck.



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Where are you getting that 15% number from? My experience is that, starting from a full action pool, I can use all actions, sync for 2-5 more, use those, and sync for 1-3 more, after which point syncing doesn’t give unusual returns. I’m pretty sure it’s just a quirk in how times are coordinated, and not something which can be actively exploited with any reliability.

It’s definitely not a definite percentage. For my side, I could only DATA EXPUGED.
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I had assumed that a gaggle of people figured out DATA EXPUNGED and just didn’t say anything.

Sorry, people. Or Rubbery-men. N- not that you’re not people! Just that you might… uh… roll that way! Gender equality? Gender abstinence!
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As the servers seemed to have settled down, I also haven’t seen additional cards/actions. Could very well have been the server being late in granting cards/actions, instead of solely being a display issue.

Notably I’m exclusively on the browser game.