Fuel usage bugged?

Apologies if this sort of topic is frowned on, just wanted to check in on the status on fuel usage- started playing the Early Access yesterday (LOVE it, came over via Fallen London, via the Kickstarter which I now regret skipping!)

For fuel, it seemed that my fuel usage was constant regardless of my throttle, and actually after I ran out of fuel, I was able to continue without penalty. Is there a &quotKnown Bugs&quot list I should check in the future before starting a new topic?


I haven’t read enough of the other posts to remember whether this is a bug or a thing or not, but such posts are positively encouraged. The devs want feedback.

Do email bugs to the devs (as well as posting here?), as while they read here, they might not catch everything.

Support email: sunlesssea@failbettergames.com
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Awesome, thanks!