Fresh gamer - Bug list

Elloy one and all,

Snatched this game up from Steam just some days ago and I seem to be failing to find a place to report bugs, so until further notice I’ll do so here.
Please do be aware this thread may well contain spoilers, seeing as how I’m adding to it as I go.

*I’ve just purchased the 7000 echoes transport ship, yet I can only recruit up to 10 crew. Easily circumvented with patience and pirate-pwning, but none the less a bit confusing and an annoyance.

*Same thing in regards to ship - The hull can not be repaired in dry dock above 74 points, I imagine the stat-modifier for the larger vessels have not yet been added or did I just get some incredibly unlucky twist of bug?

*Is it intended that you can keep playing chess until you lose out on the crystal isles - I did not lose the ‘Something Awaits You’ modifier until I enjoyed 6 wins in a row, which gained me a lot of secrets.

*Not quite sure if this could be considered a bug, but I retrieved the Genial Magican right after getting the rare event up at Venderblight - Should I not be able to provide him with what he desires as I get to know him and knowing that I have what he wants in my hull?

The bug report email address is

Thanks Anstruther - Seems I won’t be needing it, I wrote this before starting the game up and downloading new stories…

…And things were fixed when I got back into the swing of it. They work quicker on updates than I can find the forums and start typing! :O

As far as I know the crew and hull things are a known bug, for most people reloading your game or taking a short trip out into the harbour to get a Something Awaits You message will allow you to recruit more crew and your hull strength should reset to recognise the upgraded ship. If not a visit to the dockyards should work.

The chess thing is not a bug but intended - the option is very rarely available, unless you are very lucky.and getting a winning streak is very acceptable :)

The Genial Magician thing is annoying if you have the item he wants in your hold but I can understand why you have to get another one.
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In my game the chess option was there about ten times in a row. I’d also picked the Poet…so I had a hot streak every time. Eventually it got to the point where I had a 100% chance to win, and I proceeded to play chess until I’d earned (and spent) about 150 Secrets…at which point the game crashed.
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