Free Evenings


New player here. I used up all my Free Evenings… Does this auto-renew every week or am I done for? Sigh… I didn’t know it’s something rare.

When I read, Time the Healer, I thought the Free Evenings will reset every week or am I wrong? I tried looking up the Wiki and asking around, but am unable to get a firm answer.
edited by agewisdom on 4/5/2015

Yes, Time the healer does bring more free evenings every week, so you’re fine.

When is the weekly reset? Every Sunday?

It’s different from player to player. You should get your first Time the Healer a week from your escape from New Newgate Prison, and it’ll come at around that time each week.

Thanks! I am enjoying this game a lot, just impatient to wine and dine with my Patrons! :D