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Recently I’ve been testing with the Nightmares quality to see how high I could make it with the Cave of the Nadir. Well, I just raised it to 41 and have thoroughly gone mad from the revelation. I’d really like to show proof of what I’ve done and share it with others, but the only problem is that I don’t how to post a screenshot of my profile to the forums. Could anyone explain to me how to do that? As soon as someone explains how to me and I’m able to do so I’ll post the photo on a new topic and moderators can delete this one or keep it up for their own reasons. Until I can post it, I’ll wait to leave my MYSELF tab so that my irrigo doesn’t kick me out of the cave and reset my nightmares.

This should work:

[ img ]picture url here[ / img ]

Edit: Oh, and you’ll have to upload the picture onto an image hosting website first, in case you haven’t done so yet.

edited by Sara Hysaro on 3/3/2016

Thanks Sara! I’ve just uploaded the image and now have opened a new thread on the forum.

Glad I could help! :)