Forum game: Ask the character!

A forum game that has been popular in the RPG forums I have chilled in (and where I have occasionally introduced the game):

The idea is simple. The person before you asks a question; your character(s) answer(s) to that question; you ask a new question so the next person can answer to it with their own character. Example:

[quote=]Person A:
[answers to the question presented to them in the previous post with their characters]
Are you a virgin?

Person B:
Lorelei: noblewoman laugh No, I am not! I am well familiar to the bodily pleasures of the Neath! It was silly for you to ask!
Herlinda: flushes, perhaps angrily What does that question have anything to do with anything?!! >___<
What is your favorite color?

Person C:
[answers to the question presented to them with their characters, then asks a new question][/quote]

Here is the kick-starter question:

What is your top favorite leisure time in Fallen London?

The songs of the Fisher-Kings in the high places. Sometimes it’s a comic ditty from Mahogany Hall, rewritten so thick with urchin cant that you’d need an unexpurgated dictionary and a week’s study to figure out why it’s obscene; sometimes it’s high sweet harmonies that beggar (aha) description. Sometimes they’ll let me sit in on a rooftop; sometimes I’m just walking down Flowerdene and I can hear it coming out the air.

(It’s kind of thing you can’t buy and shouldn’t sell. Even here. But that’s the sort of thing I keep between myself and the Shrine of St Joshua, please and thankyou.)

Next question, a Midnighter’s question - What’s your most Direful Reflection? A good deed you regret, or a ruthless act that still haunts you?

I used to regret things. Before my soul was severed so many times it remains but a ragged scrap. I almost remember what regret tastes like.

Where across the unterzee would you most like to visit that you haven’t been before?

I have died at least once, and gone mad a great many times. I have loved unwisely and not quite well. I have burned bridges behind me I should like to cross over at least one more time.

But…I have yet to regret any kindness I have evenr done, nor have I been so mean as it would be worth thinking about. Perhaps I should be regretful, but I still think, that if I can only keep my humor and magnanimity, that all shall be ultimately well.

But now for a Glassman’s question! Have you ever wondered where it is you really go when you honey dream, and would you go there awake if you could?

The thought has occurred to me, yes, the few times I have partook of such a vice. It is a question that requires quite a bit of pondering, however, and I am niggardly when it comes to my schedule. As for the second part…no, I do not think I would. Green grass and blue sky, succulent grapes and the feeling of the sun–they are not real. Perhaps I do experience them, but even so I still hope for something more…substantial.

A question, a question…out of all the possible works at Court, which would you write most often? Which would you read?

Easy question my dear Panthalassa! I have written a blush-inducing Gothic Romance and, given time, would fill a bookcase with more. Of course that is my preferred Courtly reading, too (I do enjoy other works, but they are rather…ah…inappropriate to read in those circles).

Question: What form did your most embarrassing death take?

Oh dear - as a newcomer to London taking a trip to the carnival and looking, innocently, into a mirror.

Question: What or who is your favourite pet/companion?

That would be my magnificent tomb-lion Archibald, of course, the scourge of rats by land and by zee! He was destined to be given to the Bishop, but one look into that adorable bandaged furry face and I fell in love. No matter how much he drools or the bruises he makes when he enthusiastically pounces without warning, Archie will always be my sweet boy.

My question, given my close, personal relationship to the Duchess: which luminary of London would you most like to become acquainted with and how would you manage to catch their eye?

Soran: That would be Mr. Pages, of course. He does seem to be one of the more amenable Masters, and his devotion to knowledge and the written word is certainly something to be admired. If I could only gain access to even the merest portion of his collection, well… Who knows what wonderous and terrible things I might learn. I can only hope that I can someday prove myself clever and significant enough to earn such a privilege.

Zero: Good answer. Personally, I quite admire Mr. Pages’ aptness for creative and inventionous verbinating. It’s very inspiring.

Soran: Just answer the actual question, Zero.

Zero: I was getting to it; don’t get your bats in a bunch!

Soran: I only have the one-

Zero: Anyway, you know that Manager at the Royal Bethlehem?

Soran: … I’m familiar, yes.

Zero: He seems like he would be a fun sort to drink with, doesn’t he? The conversation would be interesting, at the very least. And who knows; maybe when I come back from that trip I’m planning to the Iron Republic I’ll actually be mad enough to warrant the attention.

Soran: … You’re planning a trip to…? You know what, I’m not even going to ask why. It’s not worth it. But I will elect to ask the question for the next participant, before you can come up with something completely inane. And that question is this; of the great mysteries of the Neath, which calls to you the loudest? Which of the big questions would you see answered if you could only learn the answer to one?

Tricky - there are so many delicious mysteries I would love to have answered but I will say Mr Eaten’s name.

Question - which area outside London do you look forward to visiting most? An area you haven’t reached yet or a place you enjoy revisiting.

Hm, definitely the Carnelian Coast. I sacrificed an artistic career to the Foreign Office; I want my governorship, damnit!

Now, what was the biggest surprise that jumped at you in London?

Not sure if you mean “jump” literally or…not-literally? No, figuratively! Yeah. So, uh, I’ll answer both.

The first thing that literally jumped at me was a very angry talking cat that thought I’d trespassed into its rooftop territory. But the thing that surprised me the most was how even people could trade in souls.

As for my question, I’ve lived in the Neath my entire life. For those of you who came from the Surface, what moment made you realize the Neath was your home?

Not now, and very likely not ever. And that is all I am willing to say on such a matter.

I pose a question I have, admittedly, always wondered about–for my colleagues in archaeology, what is your favorite expedition site, and why? To continue along that vein, what is a favorite treasure of yours you have uncovered on one of said…adventures, giving a reason as well?

[quote=Panthalassa]Not now, and very likely not ever. And that is all I am willing to say on such a matter.

I pose a question I have, admittedly, always wondered about–for my colleagues in archaeology, what is your favorite expedition site, and why? To continue along that vein, what is a favorite treasure of yours you have uncovered on one of said…adventures, giving a reason as well?[/quote]

We suspect you are bending the rules, but we will oblige you all the same. Our favourite expedition site is currently located within the Forgotten Quarter. We will not reveal the exact location, as we have enough competition as it is without advertising it. Our favourite artefact is an ivory chess piece recovered from a Fourth City temple. There is no particular reason for our attachment to it.

Our question: what is your favourite secret?
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Oh goody, questions about secrets! [claps excitedly] My favorite is the one known only to only to the Melancholy Curate, his sister, and me.

Question: Have you eaten Rubbery Lumps from Mutton Island? Would you do so again?

Oh, definitely! They’re the only ones in the Neath (that I’ve tasted) that didn’t leave me hungrier than before. Tried cooking my own, once. It went… poorly, but I think the bosun may have forgiven me by now.

Now, what I would ask is… have you betrayed any group or individual? And (if you will pardon an addendum) what was the price of your broken loyalty?

Seph has never become close enough to betray anyone he doesn’t trust too much to betray. He plays a ruthless game, but he’s a good friend to have at your back.
Johann hasn’t been down long enough to get close to anyone at all.

Now, who do you trust the most in all of London?

Ms Sapho, that was a cheat. We suspect you are aware of that, but we suppose we will allow it, as our question was rather vague.
Our most trusted ally is called Adrian. We suspect you do not recognize that name, nor should you.

What do you prize above all else?

I was just going to say–telling a treasured secret would make it, well. Not a secret anymore. Well played, Ms Sapho.

Oh, right. Questions. Hm. I prize…money. I’ve been told that’s selfish. I’m just glad I can rely on a full belly, these days. Or a roof above my head when the lacre starts falling and the air grows cold. Or food, enough to share with my wandering rooftop “flatmates.”

I guess it would be more accurate to say I prize money for what it can get me. Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness likely had more than they knew what to do with.

A question for you. What do you desire most, but cannot have?

&quotAin’t that a deep question.&quot The ex-urchin sneaks long, pianist’s fingers underneath his newsboy cap to scratch at his head. His mouth twists to the side as he contemplates.

Jaime thinks of the practicalities: a steady, predictable source of money, enough food each week for him and his birds, an leak-proof roof over his head. He thinks of the intangibles: luck whenever he needs it the most, a ward from nightmares of fire and drowning, the touch of sunlight blooming across the horizon of a waking world, the thrumming of a summer storm, vicious and untamed, on his bare skin.

&quotIsla,&quot Jaime says. The young man leaves it at that.