Formula for Railway steel

I am stuck. I am trying to get the formula for Railway steel to open the railway. My research lab is quite high. Just made the Impossible Theorem. I am a part owner in the railway endeavour. There are no options to research this. I can’t make the railway. What could I be missing

Is there a storylet where you can talk to the Dean of Supernumerary Faculty or something like that? He gives you your first piece of steel, and you can research that to get the recipe to make more.


Hmm I think I just found the formula. Not under the normal ‘research …’ but under make more tracks. This leads to the next question of what should I be doing to open up the railway? Or is it an opportunity card that I have to wait for? I do have 50 or so tracks

You said you were already a part owner in the Railway Endeavor, so I assume you’ve already played the opportunity card you need. There should be a storylet in Moloch Street where you can start laying track, or you might need to do a couple of other things first, which will also be in Moloch Street.

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Thank you John. The last time I was at Moloch street, the opportunity was not there. Full steam ahead. Thank you