Forgotten Quarter expedition

[li]Just a quick bit of research before I work out whether or not to get annoyed/give feedback to FB:

A moment ago I was towards the end of the 7 Fate, 30 supply expedition in the Forgotten Quarter. Stupidly, I hadn’t kept a close enough eye on Rival’s Progress, which had risen to 10, as against my progress of 28.

I was presented with the option to bribe Virginia at a cost of 4 actions and 10 Brilliant Souls - a quick bit of research indicated that would reduce rival’s progress by 5 and increase mine by 3 - enough to &quotwin&quot me the expedition.

When I clicked through though, my progress increased as expected, but so did rival’s progress (to 11) so I was unable to complete the expedition and had no option but to abandon it.

My issue isn’t that the expedition ended (it was silly of me to let Rival’s Progress get that high, and I won’t do it again) - but that I ended up spending 10 Brilliant Souls and 4 extra actions completely unnecessarily - against a 100% luck check, I might add. N ot only did that spend not benefit me, there was in fact a significant detriment to the expedition.

Was there an error/bug of some kind? Or was the information on the wiki about the bribe outcome inaccurate? An inquiring mind wants to know…

I’m pretty sure that’s a bug, confronting your rival should reduce their progress, not increase it further. Unless you somehow failed the challenge? It could have been Straightforward with odds slightly less than 100, maybe.

I made a point of checking the odds before paying the price, and it was 100% So unless it was 99.5% or more, rounded up, and I got crazily unlucky, it sounds like something was wrong. Where would I follow this up?[li]
edited by A B Nile on 11/6/2013


I doubt anyone particularly cares, but I’ll report back if it turns out it was me that made a mistake somehow…

Turns out I didn’t make a mistake - thanks to Alexis, who fixed the issue quickly.