Font Size?

Hey all! Been enjoying the Fallen London game I discovered a few days back on my iPad (side note: the iPad app for it takes forever to change screens after selecting an option, crashes periodically for whatever reason, and continually crashes if you purchase Fate…and by that, I mean that it simply will not load anymore after purchasing Fate. On the flip side, playing it on the web via the iPad is flawless and speedy lol).

Anyways, Fallen London exposed me to Sunless Sea so I bought it on Steam but it’s almost impossible for me to play on my 17-inch gaming laptop. After a little while playing I start developing a headache from my eyes having to focus on the absurdly tiny font. I googled and it was apparently a known issue back in 2014. Has there been any movement on this front? I’d hate to refund this game, but there’s no alternative if I’m stuck with Lilliputian text.

edited by His Lordship the ever-humble Emrak on 8/14/2016

The UI size is an issue with Unity 4; something about a fixed resolution meaning it’s proportionally smaller on high-resolution screens. Fortunately as part of Zubmariner, to be released this fall, Failbetter is updating everything to Unity 5 and the base game is getting new options such as font and UI size.