Font changes ETA?

Hello, new player here! I love the writing in Fallen London and was really looking forward to reading more of it in Sunless Sea, but I was disappointed to find the blurriness and size of the text quite tiring to look at for longer than 10 minutes. : ( So sad. I know the devs are aware of this and working on it, yet it seems that they’ve been aware of this and working on it since early 2014, no? I was just wondering what the current status is re: improving legibility.

I guess if most players have no problems with text size/blurriness then it hasn’t been a priority. Tough luck for me. What are your experiences on this, guys?

Btw, I’m playing on a 13&quot Macbook, no retina. It gives me the option of either 1280x800 or 1440x900. At the higher resolution the text is crisp but tiny, and forget about reading mouseover text which is even tinier. At the lower resolution the font size is better but also fuzzier, and the mouseover is especially fuzzy. O my sorrow. It is deep like the zee.

What is your screen size and resolution, if I might ask?

The font size issue is actually caused by the Unity game engine itself and is not a trivial thing to fix. If I recall correctly FBG was planning to look into developing a work around for the text issue while also revamping their own game engine (storynexus) during the period of time it takes to developtthe Zubmariner DLC.

Zubmariner hasn’t been announced when it will come out yet, but there have just recently been some teaser art released via FBG’s social media. This suggests to me they are starting work on the content just now. I’d say it might be a while considering there are a few more planned content releases for Sunless Sea itself (such as the pirate poet, the merciless modiste, and the caldery heir). If I were to hazard a very sketchy and probably untrue guess I’d say 2 months for each of those Sunless Sea story updates and maybe we’d see zubmariner at the end of the year. I have absolutely no basis for this estimate other than gut feeling and so it is most likely wildly inaccurate. But if the text fix comes out around then that would make sense. This doesn’t really answer your question since I am literally making wild guesses out of thin air, but maybe you find it useful anyways?

Thanks, NiteBrite. Some idea is better than no idea.

Addendum: I thought the mouseover text was tinier than other text, but actually it isn’t. It is blurrier, though. I guess I’ll just have to mess with the accessibility options on my computer and see if I can get a satisfactory zoom to ease my eyes.

I really wanted to play this but unfortunately I had to refund the game as it gave me eye-strain. I’d definitely re-purchase if the font size improves.

Wait, Sunless Sea runs on Unity? I didn’t know that! I thought Unity was exclusively for terrible games!

Any update on this?

Not much of an update but FBG has been upgrading the story nexus engine for fallen london a lot lately and zubmariner is in a state where you can sign up to be on the alpha testing lottery. No word about if a font fix is still on the table or not though. This update basically boils down to we are further along in the timeline to what I said last year but the predicted events are still ongoing so who can say.

It looks like the answer may be “With Zubmariner”

“We’re moving to Unity 5 in order to make some technical changes (eg text scaling) but the base game won’t change significantly.”