Flute Street: cost of visits after the first

With my &quotVisiting Flute Street&quot quality at 4, the storylet to actually go there costs a certain amount of various items. Does it cost that much for each visit, or does it cost a lot less after the first visit?

After reaching Flute Street once you’ll only need 10 actions to return there; there’s no need for candles or anything else after that. You do get the choice to restart the trek through the tunnels all over again if you’d like.

Edit: Removed incorrect info.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 10/7/2015

If you want to make the trek through the tunnels again, you’ll need all of those items once more. Source: I wrote it down.

But as Sara mentioned, there’s also a faster option to skip the tunnels once you’ve reached Flute Street.

Ah, my mistake. It’s been a while since I’ve repeated the trip.

Good to know…I have been putting off returning to flute street because of the resources and time it took, but with this information I am much more inclined to make another trip down to the rubbery town.