Fluke Cores and Irrigo [spoilers abound]

So, in order to get a fluke core in Fallen London, you go to the cave of the Nadir. The implication I got from the text was that the fluke in the cave, which up to that point had managed to protect itself from the irrigo, was overwhelmed by the fecund ambers you presented to it; and that when it disintegrated it instinctively secreted amber around it, which absorbed the cave’s irrigo and gave us the unique fluke core item. However, in Sunless Sea we find out that even Lorn Flukes, when defeated, have their cores encased in Irrigo amber despite being a long way away from the Nadir.

My question is this - do you think there is an actual lore explanation for this, or is it merely a conceit made in order to reuse an FL image asset in Sunless Sea/provide a a reason for the core to be preserved for the player to find?
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I honestly think flukes have either a symbiotic or are sources of irrigo. Considering what you need a fluke core for in the sunless sea. It could be that the cores use Irrigo as a source of protection when away from rubbery men.

Do you recall how we came to that place, and they sang sang of their lightnings and our shapeful disgrace?We tilted our vanes and ennobled our spires. They welcomed us then and commingled all choirs
The Flukes have a notable and alarming connection to The One Without a Name, as well as a tenuous link with The White. Considering the connection between the Great Game and Irrigo, it may be related to that.