Five Minutes To Midday Bug

I just started June’s Exceptional Story (I would have done it earlier, but I was off doing Flint), and I found some sort of problem. I was at the bit where you’ve just finished speaking to the bomb guy and you have the option to leave the tavern. I had 0 actions, so I went off to do something else and when I came back, I was at the main screen of the House of Chimes. You can’t ‘Perhaps Not’ out of the conversation, so I couldn’t find the way back into it, and now I can’t do the story! Help!

[color=#e53e00]Hello! Please can you send in a bug report - we can’t do much from a forum post, as we need character details etc. We’ll try to get to it asap - but it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend. But you will be able to complete it. :) please![/color]

Thanks! I sent in an email.