First win! Woohoo!

Is it bad form if I use the Blind Bruiser’s soul-buying money as part of my retirement fund?

Congratulations! That is for you to decide, however :P

Back in the day I used his payment to buy myself a Townhouse and then purchased an Ironclad Will. I felt like a right proper con artist…

I just beat retire to a life of luxury myself. Now my fortune (along with selling off 14 heirlooms, and downgrading the mansion to a townhouse) is being spent on financing a Dreadnaught, and starting the become London’s most venerated explorer goal with the lessons learned from making money.

I bought so many supplies for that ship that the Bruiser hasn’t even shown up with his proposition yet after two trips out of London. Sure its a beast to crew and stock, but I don’t have to fear Lifebergs, Crabs, Tyrant-moths, or other Dreadnaughts with both of Caminus Yard’s forward guns and a irons rating over 60 right now.

I just finished the first curator’s quest and I’m coming to the end of some of the others so I might retire and start over soon too. I have 30k cash on me, a mansion and a pile of heirlooms, so I can pretty much do it any time, lol. The hard part will be deciding what to pass on through the legacies.

It’d be someone else bringing in souls if it wasn’t you, so it may as well go to someone who won’t be using the money to bring down the judgements on us, right? :) Congrats!