First underwater tunnel - built in London 1843

If the Masters brought this down to the Neath with the river, it would make for an amazing bit of content. :)
edited by Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook on 4/15/2016

Hello! The forum’s code broke your link, so I fixed it for you - hope you don’t mind. And, that is super-neat - I believe I’ve read about the building of that tunnel, and what an ordeal it was. I wonder if it’s full of Bazaarine constructions now…

That is an incredibly cool bit of history that I had no idea about.

Thank you.

I believe the original tunnel is now part of the Overground network. There is a plaque or panel with information in Rotherhithe Overground station (on the tunnel wall).

This looks like something a bunch of Drownies would make a camp out of. We can hunt/seduce/watch/rob the Drownies hanging out on this tunnel.

If I may piggyback, I highly recommend this short podcast story about the workers who built the Brooklyn Bridge. One workday after another buried in a diving bell, drilling into the riverbed.

Wasn’t one of the holes they dug so deep that the workers kept getting the bends?

Looks like work for the Great Downward Engineering Company.