First thoughts from a newbie to the series (ranty)

Disclamer: This are some of the first thoughts from someone who haven’t played Sunless sea/Fallen London and just picked up the game with build

[ul][li] Cool, so it’s like treasure planet… with steampunky stuff … and awesome writing and music with a touch of Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis, Terry Prattchett, Jules Vernes … mmhmm …[/li][li] Music is excellent, except some of the music which plays when I encounter the Scrive-Spinsters which reminds me of a balloon being pulled for some reason.[/li][li]You think this is air you’re breathing now? I mean what are we even floating in or on? How does one even go up and down? What is up and down? gets lost in a futile attempt at comming to terms with the physical laws of the setting[/li][li]OMG where is this port it said east north east and I still haven’t found it and I’m running out of fuel and my scout won’t work* … wait, what’s that shiny thing over there? investigates and gets murdered by sky-maddened ship. It can be slightly frustrating to find ports. It’s more fun to explore with all the walls, but it’s a bit annoying to have to turn back because you haven’t found it even though spent a lot of fuel and supplies. Maybe I’m just bad at exploring though, I dunno. With the exception of the frustration of not finding ports I love the exploring part of the game though. *It got bugged at some point, I don’t know how. After I died it worked again and I didn’t manage to replicate the bug[/li][li]So what’s the deal with souls in bottles? and what does &quotsoul flaws&quot even mean in this game (both lorewise and mechanically). Everyone carries around their &quotsouls&quot in bottles on display?[/li][li]Who or what is &quotThe Setting of the Sun&quot in my &quotEvents&quot log book, and what does &quotDominant in the reach (2)&quot even mean? That there are 2 dominant forces in the reach, i.e. the tacketies and the stovepipes?
[/li][li]Rats and mushroom men are a thing I guess. And &quotyour inconvenient aunt&quot. She does make those delicious scones though. The officers look generally quite intriguing.
[/li][li]I don’t remember where it was at the moment, but found it puzzling that I could can pick up a prospect to sell a good at the same place where they sold the goods (I’ll note it down if I see it again).

Beware Mr. Eaten.

Or possibly feel sorry for him.