First City Coins

My ambition is the Marvelous but I have already passed the point where I required 71 coins. Would it be unwise to sell them or are they useless at this point?

I accidentally sold over 200 of my First City coins with no immediate effect other than the storylet that allows me to try and gain the coins via additional methods.

Perhaps when the final part of the Ambition is complete they’ll have a purpose, but for now it seems they’re only needed to get past that first little hurdle.

Ah, thanks. I suppose I’ll keep them should they turn up later in the story as it was a pain gathering them in the first place.

If i understand correctly, the way it should work is progression is impossible unless you have the coins. if at any point you have less than enough coins, you cannot progress the ambition until this is rectified. This is not how it works, merely how it should work. As such, it may be fixed to work as such.

If you don’t value connected masters, it’s a good way to get more of the coins. 12.5 echoes in transferable currency for 1 pt. of masters. normally this is a bad deal, but during sacksmas, the masters are generous with their favor. It’s still a bad deal if you have any use for the connection, ofc. but if you don’t, and many people don’t, don’t hesitate to sell/transfer down to 76, then cash in.

It’s part of how i can keep sending new players coins. looping mr. wines’ revels for 50 coins. (a net loss, but money isn’t that important to me.)