First City Coins Grind (Spoilers)

Ok, so, the next upgrade for the equipment in your lab in the university requires 1000 friggin First City Coins. Now, I’m a late game player doing the heart’s desire ambition, and even I’ve only got 346 of the things. Now, I could wait for the next election and spend some real world dosh on the tarot deck that lets you bypass this requirement, but I want some options in the meantime. Therefore, does anyone know of any way to grind up first city coins so that I don’t have to step real money on this step? I mean, I will if I have to, but I’d like other options for those of us who didn’t support that one political candidate last year.

My first idea would be to have a partner to accumulate coins while keeping the option from Heart’s Desire open, get coins there with Connected: The Masters which can be gotten from the opportunity card “Invited to another revel of Mr Wines” (though only when you don’t have any).

I posted and I will post again: welcome to endgame!

Over the years I hoarded 1.4k of these and I think the other 600 were from the 5th tournament.
We have:
Compromising Docs conversion using GG favours for 0-6. This is good for a small MW boost
The Awful Temptation of Money card which you can’t get rid of. Only 1 coin same as
An unusual wager card for a chance for 1 coin. But both this and previous caard boost Counting the Days
At Counting Days 14 you get the Numismatrix ard where you can trade 3 Criminal favours for 20 coins! :) This is the actual &quotgrind&quot
Small bonus is to upconvert Cellars of Wine to Airag, but this can go slow if you don’t plan on grinding Tears

Another option is to make an alt, reach Heart’s Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre’s 4 and rob the Museum of Mistakes and keep the coins.

Wish you good luck and patience with this task!

Devilbone dices are really problematic, not Judas coins.


The non-Advent Calendar options for getting them are Dice! (which is an issue because it’s an option in the Cave of the Nadir),Satorial Squeamishness and a Serious Offer - Devil (the former is a one off the latter you get three on a failure).

Other sources are the Rare Success when making Searing Enigmas, and you can also get them from Eclectic, Monstrous and Unexpected bundles of Oddities.

If you are a Licentiate who didn’t miss out on getting a Trance Dream with the Cheery Man this Feast then you can get 1 Dice and 2 Hard Earned Lessons when your quality is 25-26.

And at Neathmas when you encounter a collapsing Mr Sacks on the 12th day you can punch it in it’s dribbly face and steal it’s sack to get 3 Dice.

The dest source is Sigh and sell off the ratskin suit. IF you are not locked-off.
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I already had around 600 of these, the rest I generated on a Heart’s Desire alt. I’m well past the point where you need these coins for the ambition, but the option to keep getting more remains available as long as you have less than 77 of the things, so it’s practically infinite. The museum of mistakes is the cheapest material wise, but I used Connected: The Masters as well to speed it up. The first point of it is relatively easy to get.

Maybe it’s worth starting a thread on the Singing Mandrake subforum for sharing museum of mistakes requests.
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Now I feel exceptionally foolish for selling off several hundred of these last week.

Counting the Days is for better or worse the most repeatable grind that you newer players can do now.
I have done this before - it sucks. You are going to build up a quality that is otherwise useless for anything else but this grind, and you will have more than you will ever need.

Turns out that FBG invented a way to progress this lab step that just requires research instead, for those of you who don’t have either coins or a rare item.

Just study a the devil probablility machine, study a copy of statistics WITHOUT using any parabola research, and then you set.

Good for them. I did have Soshana’s deck but these kinds of single-focus bottlenecks that take a week or a month to complete are completely joyless.