First 1000~ Echo Investment

So I bought this game a few days ago and I’m in love with it, I’ve had 3 runs up until now but I wanted to ask, what should be my first large investment-Should I by a new ship or the townhouse or something else?I currently have the first ship a better then starting gun and almost a full staff of officers besides a cook. Thanks in advance.

When you’ve got the money, I always go with a good gun for the deck first, and then work up from there, ships come and go, and the loadout used for various runs varies, but guns are forever :)

I agree with Jack. Make sure you’ve got an Iron-clad Will, then get yourself a nice big gun.

After that, I’d upgrade my ship before going in for a Townhouse - if you take a Sweetheart and have a child, they love you enough that they really don’t mind where you make your home. And with a bigger ship you can carry more fuel, go further, and consider a bit of trade if you’re inclined, so it becomes easier to make money (bearing it mind running costs are higher too, so there’s a balance here!)

…unless you’re considering letting your Captain die. In which case a Townhouse is one way of passing on a chunk of money - you won’t get full value back if you sell it (10,000 becomes 7,500 after Penstock takes his share) but you can’t pass on a ship at all.

If you don’t have one already, go for the townhouse, because then with consistent will-buying you can keep it locked in for your future captains.

Townhouse first so you can raise a scion and have an Ironclad will, also you can then get heirlooms which are beneficial to future captains.

As for passing on guns and other legacy items that depends on which stat you decide to pass on and having a scion lets you take two so you can always take Iron (useful in fights and then you don’t have to get a new big gun) as for the other stat that depends on what you want to keep.

headdesk Townhouse, not mansion. Ignore my comments - I’d got my head on backwards!

Yes - townhouse first. A stable relationship (rather than a fling with Maybe’s Daughter on the deck gun) and an Ironclad Will set your future captains up :)

Townhouse, definitely. It unlocks so many more possibilities (family, retirement, inheriting) than a new ship does. The Steamer does fine for most purposes, and where it doesn’t suffice, you’d need more than a 1000-echo upgrade anyway.

I’m more of a Veils kinda guy. So I’d go with a better engine after a Townhouse and Iron Will purchase. Battling requires two stats, Iron and Mirrors, running away only takes one: Veils

Engines no longer confer Veils bonuses.

I know that. It still seems to be a better investment for someone trying to sneak around and out run the enemy rather than fighting. Even though it dfoesn’t give you a direct bonus to veils, it assists with it [as better engines assist with EVERYthing aside from fuel conservation]

I’d say it depends, but probably the Caminus deck gun.

There’s a good argument for a new engine but it’s best to just go for the Serpentine early on.

It’s personal preference to some extent. If you already have a will then the townhouse is a solid choice simply because you keep it if you die. It also gives you reliable terror reduction after those long trips, if you need it.

Personally my first 1000 Echo investment tends to be the engine. Although it doesn’t increase your range (due to the higher fuel consumption) it doesn’t seem to reduce it either [EDIT: possibly not true after reading analysis on other threads] and the faster travel means more trips in the same amount of time and therefore faster progression. More importantly, the extra speed really helps in combat or if you need to flee in a hurry. Even if I replace it soon after with a better one, I feel a 500 Echo investment after resale is worth it to speed up the early game a bit (and depending on how the story sequencing works out, I sometimes end up using it for quite a long time). Townhouse would come second once I had the Echoes. It’s a bit riskier in this order as the engine investment is a complete loss if you die, but I think you get more value in the short term with my approach.

I’d put a new ship well down the priority list. The main reasons to upgrade a ship are to take on tougher enemies and/or complete a quest that requires more cargo space than you have. Neither are necessary in the early game.
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