Finding Wilmot's End

I know that getting the Wilmot’s End opportunity card requires a Shadowy quality of 110+, but is that the base quality or the modified quality with clothing, companions, etc? [li]

Just wondering whether I can stick on my most shadowy garb (which takes me from 80 Shadowy to 124) and parade around - stealthily, of course - until the card turns up, or whether I should grind Shadowy for a bit.

Either one would be quicker than building up compromising documents and intriguing gossip through occupations and cards, I fear.

I’m pretty sure it still uses your modified Shadowy stat. If you want to get around having to wait for a card you can Chat with the Local Gossip in your Lodgings. He’ll direct you to an Urchin or Bohemian Sculptress, both of which open the route up if you have 110 in their respective stats.

Ah, yes - the urchin’s sent me on my way. Whether I’ll thank him for that remains to be seen, but I’ll certainly thank you!

So, um…

Thank you!

Glad to help. Hope you have fun in Wilmot’s End!