Finding the new content

Putting on my “grumpy old time player” hat for a moment. It used to be pretty clear where to find the new stuff, as new areas opened up. But lately, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing in order to get in on all this activity (except for obvious destinations like the Sea of Voices).

Can someone summarize what’s been added in the past month or two, and how each bit starts?


(grumpy hat off)

Hmm, let’s see. Aside from the Sea of Voices, you might be interested in meeting the Cobblestone Quartet (to be introduced to these ladies and gentlemen of quality, you should chat with that insufferable gossip back at your lodgings); check out the new qualities (such as Gates of the Garden, Eyes of Icarus, et cetera) by revisiting the places you used to haunt back in the early days in Veilgarden and Ladybones Road, and use them to join the Dilmun club; proceed with the Broken Toys storyline and do check out this exciting promise from the Bazaar:

P. S. If somebody could enlighten me as to how one makes short hyperlinks instead of long URL addresses on this forum, I would be delighted.

It’s BBCode, I think. Using parentheses for square brackets, it’s (url= It looks like this.

The board is the easiest way to identify new content these days, I think.[color=rgb(7, 144, 154)][/color]

I hope the devs will soon add a storylet that allows high-level players access to the time-release stories in Watchmaker’s Hill and Spite, just as they did in Veilgarden and in Ladybones Road. That would be really nice.

How do you access the new content in Veilgarden? Or are your new choices at the Mandrake it?

That’s the one

Are those rare successes? Because none of the four options under “Becoming Known in the Singing Mandrake” told me that something would happen soon, unlike in Ladybones Road.

Related: How do I get the right-hand half of the screaming map?

Are you still waiting for the left?

No, I have it. But nothing new seemed to unlock. I actually went through the same process again, only to receive another Left-Hand Half.

It’s a rare success (I use the “Tell a risque joke” option), but it’s not particularly rare when your stats are high enough.

Which half you get should depend on which person you pursue- the one that starts with a Respectable challenge ends up with you getting a left-hand half, and the Dreaded and Bizarre ones get you a right-hand half.

It’s a rare success (I use the “Tell a risque joke” option), but it’s not particularly rare when your stats are high enough. [/quote]

And of course the very next try, there it was! Thanks.