Finding the Fathomking

I’ve been having a good hunt around for the Fathomking, and can’t find him - I’ve got no new stories waiting and have explored (seemingly) the whole map - does anyone have any hints and tips? (Also, while I’m making a plea for help, any hints on how to find live specimens would be really appreciated!)

You did restart a game, right? Because stories additions require that.

I’m not so sure a restart is required, actually. I’ve been playing a rather older game for quite a while, and new stories have populated it just fine.

I suppose the nature of the updates COULD HAVE changed for the most recent stories, but so far my pre-map shuffling captain (he doesn’t hold with such nonsense, the old duffer) has been able to experience all new content (the Steel combat system, newest ports, Brisk Campaigner storyline, Nacreous Outcast officer) without a hitch.

Thanks for getting back to me, guys: I’ve downloaded the new content, and the Failbetter tech support team have said that I don’t need to start a new game for the content to take effect. Any tips on where the Fathomking might be or where to find live specimens?

The Fathomking’s Hold has been in the southern half of the map for my games. It ha been quite far S-E sometimes though,

As for Live Specimens - try the 100 echo riddle or the storylet where you capture a beast alive, I think that one turns up at Demeaux, Port Cecil or Mount Palmerstone (not 100% about that last one).

Thanks Lady Ciel, that’s brilliant - I’ve just done the “teke it alive” storylet at Demeaux Island and have got my live specimen! I’ll focus my Fathomking search around the south/south east. Thanks again :)