Finding Lorn-Flukes

In my current game I’ve been sailing around for what feels like ages without finding a single lorn fluke. I need a core or two. I usually see some around the Fathomking’s Hold but no luck this game. Is there some trick to finding them? I sail and sail and nothing.

If not at the Fathomking’s hold try the Chelonate

There is always one skulking around Fathomking’s Hold, although I once found one just south of Irem but that may have been a random addition. Lorn Flukes are dangerous up close, but as of the latest build their ranged attack does just 2 damage which barely qualifies as a nuisance. Keep your distance and fire off some salvos, then when it gets close just hightail it out of there with heated engines (Avid Suppressor helps). After escaping turn about face and repeat. Every time you kill it there is a chance you can harvest 3 Whispered Secrets, which is how I got all of my stats up.

edited by Owen Wulf on 2/24/2015

Or Aestival or near Empire of Hands, where you could find a really savage one.
edited by Frenzgyn on 2/24/2015