Finding Lorn Flukes

I’m looking to kill a Lorn Fluke for the Principles. Any idea where I could find one?

They tend to be found somewhere around the North East of the Principles of Coral or near the Fathomkings Hold.

Thanks. Yeah, I found one to the North of The Fathomking’s hold.

I found one at The Gant Pole.

Fathomking’s, Aestival, Chelonate, and the Empire of Hands all can spawn them.

I managed to bag four in rapid succession today, during my wine-coffee-silk route. Got lucky and traded them all for Judgment’s Eggs at the Republic, and made a very tidy profit unloading those at Polythreme on the next trip out.

A general question about spawning: Once something spawns, does it unspawn? I’ve noticed enemies in the same general area after quitting the game and coming back to it, but other times, I’ve seen enemies and avoided them only to not find them later. Is there a timer on how long enemies persist?

i don’t think spawned enemies are stored in the save file (except maybe the ones currently on screen???) so every time you quit and reload it should be new spawns, but not necessarily different spawns.