Finding Flute Street

I need a little help finding my next step to finding Flute Street. I have the key needed, yet no location I go to or card I draw allows me to continue my search.

Are you quite sure you thoroughly checked your lodgings? The very next step after obtaining the key should be there, but it may be buried under quite a few other storylets. Nothing relies on opportunity cards until you actually undertake the journey, as far as I can remember, but you’ll have to visit a few locations around London.

I’ve checked all the spots in my lodgings, including the storylet to look for new places. So far, nothing has come up.

Edit: Nevermind. The storylet finally showed up.
edited by NuggetandSkull on 11/13/2014

Is it really the lodgings, or the carnival? (I don’t remember all the steps I did …)

Lodgings once you solve the case of the Glim-Sculptor, then a few more steps around London, and finally the descent in the Carnival, I believe.

Glad you found it, Groyard.

You’re in for a treat. I very recently visited Flute Street (in fact I’m still scouting the area) and it’s filled with lots of intriguing information about the Rubbery Men, and I can’t say I was all that interested about them before my visit. That has very much changed!