Finding Faces (Fate Content question)

So I have accesses beyond the Poison-Cedar. I can’t seam to get any faces for the needful fellow. How do I go about this?

A new option should be opened on the Connected:Bohemians and Connected:High Society opportunity cards that should assist you in that endeavour.

The Connected: The Great Game card also has an option for face-collection.

As well as the Criminals card. Play each once to maximize your words/dollar!

The agony of choice…

Though I was leaning to shutting Vilein down the promise of something unique I could just not resist.

And now these choices…

As a character with Ambition: Heart’s Desire I want to know more about the Topsy King but as a backer and player of The Silver Tree I definitely want to know more about The Widow.

I managed to find an echo for the Jasper and Frank option, have the others been echoed?

echoed? How do you mean?

Recorded in a journal.

Ah. Isn’t it against the rules to link to Fate-locked content?

Hm…I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure you can do it privately, at least. I’ve also mentioned playing options in the past without any warnings (though I try to avoid much detail).

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Since I saw all but the Widow’s one that’s the one I went for.

All four are great btw, you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick.

Edited again: now I’m not so sure the other options gave any story quality…

I got A Taste of the Garden.
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My contact claims the Face Tailor has been locked safely away.

Since then, however, my contact has been of little help in my dealings with the Law. Does he truly have the connections he claimed? Or is it that his face is no longer his own?

Yeah, the Face Tailor for me ended up on the Society card, and I’d rather use that card for the wounds reduction and making waves but shrug. I don’t think I got a story quality from the Empress option. I kinda wish all of them gave a quality or none did…

A Taste of the Garden is also a quality you get when you drink Hesperidean Cider.

Edited again: now I’m not so sure the other options gave any story quality…

I got A Taste of the Garden.[/quote]
Taste of the Garden isn’t a story quality. Its function will reveal itself.

I went for the Widow one. Haven’t been able to find the Topsy King one yet, if anyone’s echoed that?