finding a scorn fluke

I’ve been trying to find a scorn fluke around the avid horizon in Albion and I just can’t find one! I swear I’ve seen one there before.

Any specific position around avid horizon I should look for for optimal fluke spawning? In front of the statues, behind, somewhere in that area, or does it not matter? Or am I looking in the wrong area entirely, should I search around worlebury instead?

Also, when do monster positions get determined? If I see an albion marauder, should I go back to port, or kill it - what is likely to get me a scorn-fluke faster?

Noooo I found and killed one and got my Wrath of Heaven but my game crashed before I could make it back to port :( oh well, now I know at least once spot where they’re findable.

[edit] Ugh, happened three times. I guess my time-between-crashes just isn’t high enough to hunt down a fluke, raise my terror the last few points to nightmares 2, and get back to port. I’ve been mostly playing through the weird crashing because it was rare enough that I’d get between ports, but this I guess I can’t do. Will have to come back once crashes are fixed. But at least I figured out where to find the flukes.
edited by Amalgamate on 3/11/2019

I’m not sure, but I think they also tend to hang around The Well Of The Wolf and The Storm That Speaks. There’s also plenty in Eleutheria. If you’re tough enough to fight a Scorn Fluke, you’re probably ready for the lightless skies.