"Find the rest of the story at:"

Has anyone else noticed that copying text from FL now staples on this message?

“Find the rest of the story at: www.fallenlondon.com

It’s absolutely infuriating. Well. Slightly. A minor annoyance, really. But an annoyance nonetheless!
Verily, what is the use of such a function? As if I didn’t bloody well know what I was doing already! I can understand wanting to promote the game, but in what bizarro universe does this actually help anything? Now it’s just an extra thing I have to find and delete when I’m trying to search for a storylet on the wiki or add to my personal journal.

[color=#009900]The main reason is to encourage attribution, but I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you all of this:[/color]
[color=#009900]“We do not give permission to quote our content in large chunks, in a wiki or elsewhere. Reproduction of Failbetter-copyrighted content – in wikis or elsewhere – must be limited to illustrative or particularly important quotes, and summaries or synopses of storylines. Cataloguing outcomes is fine. Copying and pasting most of the game is not.”[/color]
[color=#009900]If you are doing a lot of copying and pasting, then you’re using our work in a way that we’ve asked you not to, and we’re reminding you of our preferences! :)[/color]

[color=#009900]I’ve deleted a post [/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]which gave ToS-breaching instructions on blocking the relevant bit of JavaScript. You can reasonably expect that if you do muck around with site functionality that your experience may become unstable, we won’t support it, and we don’t want you encouraging other people to do it. The post also said[/color]

> wikis cataloguing stories, which I assume FBG is ok with.

[color=#009900]No, we’re not, which is why I said in the post above that we’re not and explain in the link I link that we’re not. We are fine with overviews, but we do not give permission to reproduce large quantities of text, which is a breach of copyright, and we’ve said so on numerous occasions.[/color]

I don’t get why it’s there either. People I am quoting the game to, either play it, or know what London is very well and choose NOT to play it. An auto generated link is just an annoyance.

Having a fully functional wiki is a great boon to the game. I forget past contet, so I reread it on wiki. Several times I lost very important story text by closing the window prematurely, so I read that text on wiki. I miss content, so I read it on wiki. I can’t express in words, how usefull the Wiki in its current state is and how much less I would enjoy the game without it. And even if people only recorded the outcome, not the whole text, they would still use copy pasting for that. So they would have the same problem.

Well I definitely don’t feel as bad about not contributing to the wiki then. Thank you for pointing that out, I was under the impression that only fate-locked and particularly spoiler-y content was entia non grata.

Though it does sadden me to hear about this. I very much enjoy reading stuff from the wiki – I’ve hit most of the content caps so I’ve read most of the material, but I do have a terrible memory. And my personal journal is mostly just for fate-locked and SMEN stuff. And particularly hilarious snippets.

Ditty what Fhoenix said, actually. Took me too long to post, I didn’t see theirs x)
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I’m of a similar opinion to Dawson, but for different reasons. I copy/paste Fallen London text quite a bit, but that’s just so that I can learn about actions before going through with them. Like Dawson said, it’s just an annoyance, but I’m just saying that copy/pasting is something people do for reasons other than piracy.

Speaking of copy/pasting FL text, I really liked this quote: “The wallpaper is made of zebras.”

[color=#009900]We’ve talked about this before, and our unambiguous stance is: our content is our livelihood and we assert our rights so we can keep eating and operating the game.
[/color][color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]
[color=#009900]I’m locking the thread to prevent any more folk hopping on and saying ‘I don’t like it either’, because it[/color][color=#009900]'s there to help us keep paying the bills, we knew it wasn’t going to be popular. I’d honestly like to exist in a world where everyone could reproduce our copy freely without it harming our ability to pay the rent, but that’s not this world.[/color]
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